Welcome to Rosa’s Pantry

Rosa provides a cornucopia of ‘foods with integrity.’ Follow the local flavors with Artisanal Food Educator, Food Designer, and Chef Rosa Prezioso-Galeno.

Rosa’s mission is to provide healthy & sustainable food options that appeal to all tastes and enjoyed equally by those facing the challenge of living with dietary restrictions. Teaching others about the well-stocked pantry is my essential tool-kit for achieving wellness through day-to-day food options.

Growing up in Italy, the pantry was essential in every way. Anything that could be jarred was; all variety of beans were harvested and dried; meat was cured and kept in controlled spaces; fish was cured in salt and stored; root cellars served as refrigerators. Dry goods and staples like flour, sugar, and yeast were always in a crock. Making butter and buttermilk was a chore that always kept my family busy. Nothing was taken for granted. If we wanted to eat, we had to grow it, process it, preserve it, and bake it from scratch.

But the food tasted better. Food had a greater depth that was respected in every way. It was clearly understood to anyone that who sat at the family table, that it took an enormous effort to put any of that food on a plate, so nothing was thrown away.